Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto

Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto


Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto engaged us to create a multi-platform strategy showcasing the unique features of the property, counter negative press, generate revenue and turn guests into advocates.

Work & Results:

We implemented a six-platform social media strategy leveraging original and user-generated content to connect with guests and showcase the property. Guest advocacy increased substantially due to ongoing engagement, raising the Facebook engagement rate from 0.8% to 1.7% and supporting the property’s #1 ranking on TripAdvisor. The property’s Facebook presence grew 153% in one year without any online advertising: outperforming Trump Hotel Collection’s international Facebook page. Additional guest service was provided through two profiles on Twitter and decreasing the inflow of calls to the reservation center.

Online PR was generated through blogger and influencer outreach. These efforts culminated into a travel blogger lunch & tour generating: 20 media articles, 55 blogger-generated social and over 600,000 impressions over a 6-month period.

Training sales resources in LinkedIn profile optimization further supported revenue.  Lead generation from LinkedIn engagement was produced with 24hours of seminar completion.

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